2021-2022 Arrowverse Roundup - Week 21

This week featured a road trip, and a desperate plan to stop a villain.

Below is a breakdown of all of the Arrowverse stuff that aired this week. It is part review, part speculation, part analysis, and part rambling. It is organized in the order they aired throughout the week, so feel free to scroll down to whatever ones you watch. If you want to get caught up, you can use my Arrowverse Viewing Order guide to help you navigate!

The Flash - Episode 8.10 - Reckless

Caitlin and Frost teamed up with their mother to try and stop Black Flame, who is this sections big bad. Iris took a trip with Sue Dearbon to the west coast - it's nice to see that Sue can continue to show up even though her story was initially tied to Ralph. Iris's time sickness accidentally killed a woman's mother (seemingly), and it is something Team Flash will have to deal with on top of Black Flame. It's weird that this is the second big story Iris has had separated from the main cast. Her mirror dimension story had her spend a lot of time away from them too.


The best episode of the week was The Flash, obviously. But the ending was pretty great, with Caitlin uttering a name we haven't heard since season 1.


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