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The Mandalorian - Episode 2.08 - Chapter 16 - Review

The season finale of The Mandalorian changed everything. In fact, it is unclear what shape the third season is even going to take (is it The Book of Boba Fett or its own separate thing)? But it tugged at the heartstrings of everyone, and did what Star Wars does best - which is rely on the past in lieu of anything new.

The Mandalorian - Episode 2.07 - Chapter 15 - Review

The penultimate episode of The Mandalorian felt like yet another detour, however, packed within that detour was a bunch of moments that should come into play later. You can't put the toothpaste back in tube, and the show, plus the characters in it, will never be the same because of it.

The Mandalorian - Episode 2.06 - Chapter 14 - Review

The stakes were raised on The Mandalorian after last week's episode subtitled "The Jedi". With no inkling of what would come next, it was hard to grasp what the trajectory was or if it would indeed keep up with the promised potential. Not only did this week's episode, called "The Tragedy", live up to the episode before it, in many ways, it surpassed it.