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Kingsman: The Golden Circle - Review

Matthew Vaughn has made some incredibly fun films. Between X-Men: First Class , Kick-Ass, and the first Kingsman movie, he knows how to craft fun, coherent, albeit wacky narratives than keep audiences entertained. So with Kingsman: The Golden Circle being released it was of note on my calendar of my movies for the year. It definitely had the wackiness of the first (but in overdrive) and that was about it. Continue reading to see more of my thoughts. Minor spoilers will follow.

First They Killed My Father - Review

Another month, another Netflix Original Movie. This one is different than any that has been released before it. First They Killed My Father is the haunting true story of a 5 year old girl named Loung Ung in Cambodia during the Vietnam War. Angelina Jolie directed this, and you can tell the passion she has for getting this story told. Read on to see my complete review. (Minor spoilers ahead).

J.J. Abrams to Write and Direct Star Wars Episode IX

The prodigal son has returned. J.J. Abrams will let nothing stand in his way. He will finish what he started. That’s right; J.J. Abrams will write and direct Star Wars Episode IX . I expected as much, he was one of the 11 directors I thought could do it. But if you really think about it, it is kind of surprising. Continue reading to see why.

11 People Who Should Direct Star Wars Episode IX

This seems to happen entirely too often now, but there is another Star Wars movie without its original director. To be honest, I was not sold on it to begin with and now they need to essentially start over. Since  Episode IX  will mark the 11th  Star Wars  movie, I have compiled a list below of 11 Directors who I think should be given the reigns.