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What Happened to Monday - Review

Netflix is on a role with original movies lately. Their most recent one is a sci-fi thriller starring Noomi Rapace as seven different siblings. I love that smaller movies that normally wouldn't get a big audience now have more outlets to be seen from. Continue reading to see how What Happened to Monday did as a tail-end summer movie.

The Defenders - Season 1 - Review

The Defenders is Netflix's crowning achievement of their Marvel properties. They made their own mini-shared universe with each of the main characters having their own show before meeting up here. There were some highs and lows on the journey to get here, but it has finally arrived. Continue reading to see my thoughts on the first season of The Defenders but beware of spoilers!

Logan Lucky - Review

When Steven Soderbergh announced he was retiring, it was a sad day for film fans. He is a wonderful director who did the Ocean's trilogy and Magic Mike . He always gave scripts the flare and pizzazz they deserved and made them come to life on screen. So when he backtracked on his retirement and decided to do another heist movie, Logan Lucky was born and the world is a better place for it. Continue reading to see my thoughts on the anti- Ocean's Eleven . Minor spoilers follow.

Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi Standalone Movie - Story Ideas

There will be several contradictions in this first paragraph, but let me explain. I’ll start by saying that I am always in the bag for any Star Wars Story. Having said that, Lucasfilm is playing it too safe; they have such a rich universe to explore, and everything they have done has spanned only about 60 years or so. They seem to be scared to do anything before The Phantom Menace . A Knights of the Old Republic era saga of movies (or even a television series) is rich for storytelling. Let’s see some new characters and stories very far away from the Skywalkers and everything surrounding them. However, the one existing character that was an absolute no-brainer to have a standalone movie for is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Read on to see my thoughts on what a Kenobi movie could, and should, be.

The Dark Tower - Review

The Dark Tower has been in the lexicon of pop culture for a long time. It has been ripe for a movie adaptation for just as long. For die hard Stephen King fans, this was a very anticipated movie. People like me, who had never read the books but was just looking for an entertaining movie, were intrigued by the star power and sci-fi aspects. So how did it stack up? Read below to find out.

The Incredible Jessica James - Review

Netflix has been on a roll when it comes to original films lately. They have been making some great choices at film festivals, and investing in great relatively unknown talent. The Incredible Jessica James joins the ranks of Okja and War Machine . Keep on reading to see how The Incredible Jessica James stacks up in a stellar movie season.