2021-2022 Arrowverse Roundup - Week 06

This week featured a new beginning, a familiar face, and a new foe.

Below is a breakdown of all of the Arrowverse stuff that aired this week. It is part review, part speculation, part analysis, and part rambling. It is organized in the order they aired throughout the week, so feel free to scroll down to whatever ones you watch. If you want to get caught up, you can use my Arrowverse Viewing Order guide to help you navigate!

The Flash - Armageddon Part 1

The Flash has been in a bit of a rut lately, so shifting into a miniseries format for the first 5 episodes is a good choice. Especially using it as a way to bring other Arrowverse characters into the mix. They kicked it off with Ray Palmer making a triumphant return to the Arrowverse.
It was cool to see Chester fanboy over Ray. The story was a good way to bring him in, but the real shine was Tony Curran as the villain.
The villain has great intentions, and is pretty formidable. It is great that this is only a 5 episode story, because drawing this out for 20-some episodes would be awful. Iris's story seems promising too, which is good, because she always gets the short end of the stick. Hopefully "Armageddon" will change things.

Legends of Tomorrow - Episode 7.06 - Deus Ex Latrina

This episode offered some fun pairings, including Zari and Davies. Davies' intentions to invent time travel became clear, and it is heartbreaking. The Chernobyl twist was a good one too, and it is one of those classic time travel dilemmas. Do you have to let tragedies run their course or can you prevent it and change things?
Bishop had a great story too. The way they are reincorporating him from last season is quite cool. He is going to become a redeemed character that becomes a Legend, but the journey is feeling earned so far.
Their new time travel capsule is a fun little change, but hopefully they can get back to the Waverider sooner rather than later. 

Batwoman - Episode 3.06 - How Does Your Garden Grow

Mary Hamilton has been the one consistently strong character of the entire run of the show. Her next evolution is fascinating, but it also provides a risk of her falling into some pitfalls that a lot of the Arrowverse characters fall into.
Ryan is keeping secrets from the team, and it is causing a rift between her and Sophie. Sophie is on a vengeance mission to avenge her sister, but that involves Ryan's family.
Montoya and Sophie hooking up will put a wrench into the plans of any Ryan/Sophie relationship there was going to be.
The best episode of the week was The Flash. Things look promising, and I'm always a sucker for crossovers, so hopefully it keeps that momentum up going forward.


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