2021-2022 Arrowverse Roundup - Week 01

This week featured new beginnings, return of the Legends, a dire fate, and parenting faux pas.

Below is a breakdown of all of the Arrowverse stuff that aired this week. It is part review, part speculation, part analysis, and part rambling. It is organized in the order they aired throughout the week, so feel free to scroll down to whatever ones you watch. If you want to get caught up, you can use my Arrowverse Viewing Order guide to help you navigate!

Stargirl - Episode 2.10 - Summer School: Chapter Ten

Stargirl just got a whole lot more interesting. The protagonist always deals with adversity, but usually comes out unscathed. This episode however, had Courtney lose in a big bad way. Pat lost her. She is now in the shadow realm, or whatever is it called, with no seemingly way back.

To see Pat and Courtney work out their relationship on the drive to the base was nice. As was the reintroduction of the Lantern, who is a welcome addition. Her search for her brother is an intriguing mystery.

The fallout from Courtney's disappearance, which I assume everyone will think is a death, will be monumental. Everyone is going to handle it in a different way, and some characters are really going to be able to shine in doing so.

Supergirl - Episode 6.15 - Hope For Tomorrow

The totems are going to drive the story the rest of the season, but it is nice that they can still do character driven things as well. This will not be a popular opinion, but Alex and Kelly adopting a child, and navigating all that comes with that was far more satisfying and entertaining than superheroes trying to get totems.
Alex has had one of the biggest character journeys of anyone in the Arrowverse. For them to pretty much cap it off with her becoming a mother - a mother to someone with powers no less - is wonderful. Kelly and Alex trying to figure things out with her was fun, and the way this show goes, I'm sure the little girl will become important in the journey for the totems.
The show is doing a good job keeping William Dey in the mix, especially because it seems like they have kind of abandoned the romantic aspect between him and Kara. There aren't a lot of episodes left, and things are still going pedal to the metal. I can't wait to venture to National City every week, and am excited to see the end of the journey.

Legends of Tomorrow - Episode 7.01 - The Bullet Blondes

Due to Covid, the Legends finale was not that long ago. It ended on a spectacular cliffhanger, but we got part of the resolution relatively quickly. The Legends are stuck in 1925, and even worse, they are stuck in Texas.
Of course, there were ridiculous Legends shenanigans, but there was some important things peppered in there too. Nate killed an important figure in history - albeit on accident - and he is going to have to deal with that aftermath. Zari is getting over Constantine, which will lead to things for her. Astra is out of her depth with magic, and we've already seen the ramifications of that. Ava feels overwhelmed without the Waverider. All these character things are going to be very important throughout the season - so the episode got a lot done.
The biggest development though, is probably the birth of human Gideon. We've seen her in human form before, in dream states and what not, but now she has a real body. That is going to be the most fun part of the season. Hopefully she stays that way when they get their act together and get the Waverider back. The season started off well, hopefully it continues that way.

Batwoman - Episode 3.01 - Mad As A Hatter

The Mad Hatter 2.0 made his appearance, but it was only a means to an end, to get Alice out of prison and team her up with Batwoman. Like Legends, the premiere set up a lot of character arcs that will continue to pay off throughout the season.

Mary continues to be the best character on the show, and has been since the very beginning. Most of the characters have had trauma, but the way hers has manifested makes for great stories. Her trauma isn't way in the past either, its very recent, and she continues to get more trauma, like having the Mad Hatter make her perform surgery live on stage at her graduation ceremony which was supposed to be a happy occasion.

Renee Montoya will be a great addition to this season. She is a wonderful DC comics character, and its fun to see her in the Arrowverse. Robin Givens as Ryan's mom will be a great addition too. It's exciting to imagine what they are going to bring to the show.
The best episode of the week was Batwoman. All entries were strong this week though.


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