Loki - Episode 1.05 - Journey Into Mystery - Review

It was a long week to wait for a payoff to that post credit scene, but man did it deliver. We got even more answers, and Loki and Sylvie got ever closer to getting the answers that they want.

It was so much fun to see all of the other Lokis play off of the main Loki. While they hatched a plan against Alioth (another Kang reference), their personalities got to shine which was the best part. Richard E Grant as an older Loki is absolutely perfect. He looked like he was having a blast playing that role, even though he had to wear a really bad costume (which was also perfect).

Alligator Loki of course stole the show, but having Sylvie and Mobius interact with each other was great too. Owen Wilson as Mobius is a wonderful addition to the MCU. Him leaving to return to the TVA and "burn it to the ground" better be shown next episode. They will have a lot of work to do, between answering all the questions with Sylvie and Loki going beyond and the void, and Mobius handling the TVA side of things.

Classic Loki sacrificing himself was suspicious. He could perhaps be the Loki behind everything. Lokis always survive, so I have a hard time believing he is actually dead.

6 episodes seems perfect for this story. Every moment mattered in some way, and they don't waste time, yet still find time to have fun. This episode had a nice cliffhanger too, and it seems like everything is perfectly in place for the finale.

I have the utmost faith in a satisfying conclusion. And while Kang is the nerdy version of that, the mainstream version is another Loki. Either one (or a combination of both) will be satisfactory. There are still some shots from the previews that we haven't seen of Loki, but Marvel has mislead us in the trailer before, so maybe it could be nothing.

I can't wait for the finale, and be able to experience all of Loki as a whole. It is now streaming exclusively on Disney Plus.


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