Loki - Episode 1.04 - The Nexus Event - Review

After the cliffhanger of episode 3, this episode wasted no time in picking up where it left off. Loki creating his own Nexus event is what got him rescued, which was quite clever. I thought there would be temp pad tricks, but this was much more straightforward.

The Nexus event was him having feelings for himself - in the form of Sylvie. I see both sides of the reaction to their burgeoning relationship. That was the last time they really got any time together until the end of the episode.

The whole episode was back in the TVA, and it was kind of cool to revisit it when Loki had an advantage. He knew information that could help him. Of course, he didn't get a chance to use it right away.

The best part of the MCU is not knowing who will pop up in any given project. Seeing Lady Sif again was a lot of fun, especially in the context in which she was used. Putting Loki in a time loop prison was clever, especially using Sif as the punishment. 

The episode ramps up in the second act when secrets begin to get revealed. Mobius is suspicious of what happened to his coworker. He finds the answer, that Revona had her pruned for knowing too much. That in turn, ended up with Mobius getting pruned.

Loki and Sylvie facing the timekeepers was very reminiscent of Rey and Kylo Ren in Snoke's throne room. One got beheaded, and it was revealed they were fake. That was suspected all along, as it is almost assuredly Kang or another Loki really in charge.

In of the series most heartbreaking scenes, Loki gets pruned just as he was having a moment with Sylvie again. In the post credit scene though, we learn that pruning doesn't mean death, they are just displaced to somewhere else, where Loki met other versions of himself.

It is unclear whether each person has their own dimension where all the variants go or if its one big place for everyone. I guess we will get more clarification on that next episode.

This episode packed a wallop, and set up the next two episodes to be something quite spectacular. You can kind of already start to see the ramifications this will have on the larger MCU. There were a lot of surprises in this episode, and I hope that continues in the next two.

Loki is available to stream exclusively on Disney Plus.


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