The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - Episodes 5 & 6 - Review

The end of this series stuck the landing for the most part. It was a bit muddled, but gave us exactly what it was supposed to - we have a new Captain America! Sam Wilson is officially Cap, and his suit looks amazing. (Life is very hectic at the moment, so there will be only a quick rundown below)

The race story came to a head, and Sam had to have a heart to heart with himself after talking to Isaiah. He didn't do exactly as Isaiah said, but he did right by Isaiah by making sure no one ever forgets him. Then did things his own way, which was to reinvent the mantle of Captain America.

Bucky finally got the family he always wanted through Sam and his family. He has finally found happiness and a true identity, and if this show did anything perfectly, it was Bucky's story arc.

Karli got a full arc too, the Flag Smashers were defeated, and Cap was able to use his words to talk the politicians down in true Doctor Who fashion. The biggest surprise though was the turn of John Walker. He had a choice between killing Karli, and saving a bus full of people, and he choose to save the people. 

Then he officially became US Agent and walked off into the sunset - this is not the last we will see of US Agent. He will be back.

Overall, the narrative of the story was a bit messy. You can tell Covid affected the story. But the emotional crux of the story was unaffected and the goal of that - to get The Falcon and The Winter Soldier to Captain America and the White Wolf - was successful. Everything else was just gravy. I can't wait to see what comes next with the characters involved in this show. It will be great to see them back on the big screen one day.

Every episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is now available only on Disney +


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