The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - Episode 4 - Review

The second half of the movie called The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has aired, and it gave Marvel fans something that we never thought we would see. It is moving the narrative forward, and all of a sudden we now find ourselves looking toward the penultimate episode of this 6 hour movie.

Because it is a 6 hour movie, chopped up into sections, pacing is all over the place. But this episode was at least consistent with itself, and gave us a lot of great moments.

The scene with Sam and Karli was wonderful. Sam is great at talking to people. He used to be a therapist for soldiers, and bringing in that into the mix again is absolutely wonderful.

Sebastian Stan had his best acted scene of his MCU career, in a flashback when it showed that Ayo proved that he was fixed. It was a beautifully emotional scene, and Stan absolutely nailed it.

If anyone liked Walker before this, I can't see them liking him still. He sullied the name of "Captain America" and absolutely embarrassed what that shield is supposed to represent. Now that he is a super soldier though, he has made yet another new enemy - Zemo. Zemo will automatically target him because he is enhanced by serum now.

The whole thing with Isaiah Bradley is so fascinating, but Sam doesn't seem driven by it. He is concerned with the Flag Smashers and Zemo, but needs to have deeper motivation like his sister. I hope Marvel begins to embrace the stuff they teased, and not shy away from the larger issues.

The Dora Milaje kick massive amounts of ass, and their fight scene with Walker is amazing. So was Ayo disengaging Bucky's arm. There were always going to be fail safes, but Bucky's face was so great when his arm fell off. He will always be broken in some form.

The ending provided the most shocking scene the MCU has ever provided - a bloody splattered shield after viciously attacking someone. It was amazing, and will hopefully have dire consequences. The last 2 episodes should be the start of the climax, and hopefully they can bring this thing hope satisfactorily.

New episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier stream on Fridays, only on Disney Plus.


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