The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - Episode 2 - Review

Episode 2 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finally brought both titular characters together. Their relationship is a strained one, and it is predicated on the legacy of Steve Rogers. While Steve Rogers didn't appear in the episode, his presence is felt throughout the whole show in many different ways.

Sam and Bucky are living two very different lives, but they were brought back together by Captain America. Except this time it was the government chosen, generic white guy Captain America. John Walker (played by Wyatt Russell, son of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 star Kurt Russell) got a bit of character development. He doesn't seem like a bad person. The only problem with him right now is that he's not Steve Rogers. He was tasked to do a job by the country he serves, and has all of this enormous baggage that comes with it.

The action sequence on top of the trucks was amazing. It was a worthy follow up to the airplane sequence from the first episode. If we get a big Marvel-esque battle every episode, we will be in good shape.

"Heart, humor, and spectacle" is often thrown around as requirements for a television episode. The spectacle is sort of ingrained into the DNA of the show already, just from it being a superhero fare. 

The humor of course, comes from Bucky and Sam's strained relationship. The therapy scene is absolutely incredible, and one of the funniest (and awkward) things to happen in the MCU. This dynamic needs to remain in the show as much as all the action stuff.

As for the heart, well that is everywhere. It comes from Sam and Bucky of course, but it also came from the introduction of Isaiah Bradley. There is history with the Super Soldier Serum that the MCU hasn't explored yet. Bradley is a big part of that. This show is going to handle race like WandaVision handled grief. The scene with Isaiah, Sam and Bucky was just the start of that.

Overall, the episode moved well and gave sufficient time with all of its various pieces. It even gave a nice tease for Baron Zemo at the end - and one that surely promises to make the third episode something special.

New episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier drop on Fridays, on Disney Plus.


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