Crisis On Infinite Earths Parts 4 & 5 (2019-2020 Arrowverse Roundup - Week 11)

Crisis On Infinite Earths is now in the past, and the entirety of The Arrowverse has changed forever. What they were able to do with this is truly remarkable. The wait between chapters sucked, but they definitely stuck the landing. This will not be formatted as usual, but instead it will be one big rundown.

In this age of streaming and binge watching, a true cliffhanger where you have to wait for resolution is rare, but that is how Crisis On Infinite Earths part 3 ended. Luckily 4 and 5 were the same night, and they wasted no time in resolving the cliffhanger.

We got a little bit of history of The Monitor and the Anti-Monitor. For all the time constraints and things they had to do, we got just enough of it. They could have done a whole episode like that, but it would have been better served as something outside of Crisis to do that. So to include it in there, it was just enough.

The story showed Oliver Queen die again. Both times were unexpected. We expected him to die but not in the first episode, which is what happened. Then after he was dead, we hardly expected him to die again. The second time was much more emotional. It was fitting that Barry and Sara were there, but it is unfortunate that Diggle was not. Hopefully the Arrow finale will offer closure to Diggle, because it is a big deal that he wasn't there.

Every hero got their moment, but someone who really shined was Ryan Choi. The new guy held his own with all the big shots, and had a great emotional arc, and some hilarious one-liners. If he takes the same trajectory as his comic counterpart - and becomes the new Atom, then he will definitely be a welcome addition.

The cameos were a plenty in these last two episode, but none were better than Ezra Miller showing up. It was a very last minute addition. It was great to get someone from the current movie universe into this special. It really drove home the scope of how big this thing is, and how big the multiverse actually is. It was a complete shock to almost everyone, including a lot of the cast. It was great that they didn't announce it, and that it didn't leak. If one thing had to be kept a surprise, it was good it was that one.

The end result was merging worlds so all of the CW superhero shows were on the same Earth. There is still a multiverse, it just all shakes up differently. But with the addition of Supergirl, Superman, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and Black Lightning to "Earth Prime", it will make for some interesting results. Now smaller supporting characters can show up on other shows easier. Easter eggs are also easier to make happen. It is going to be fun to see how all of the other shows handle this "new" version of Earth.

The end with the Hall of Justice set up, and tribute to the Green Arrow was perfect. There probably will not be another crossover as big in scope as Crisis, but there will be another crossover. Now they have a strong foundation to launch the next story. Teasing the Wonder Twins was a great touch too, and it will be interesting to see how they play into the future of the Arrowverse.

Overall, Crisis was the best crossover yet. It was a bit sloppy in places, but the scheduling and logistic nightmare that something of this magnitude creates makes that expected. For the challenges that they faced (and there are probably many more we don't know about), it is a damn miracle that Crisis exists at all.

There is lots to look forward to coming up, including the last ever episode of Arrow. Hopefully the rest of the shows can ride the Crisis wave all the way to the finales in May.

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