The Mandalorian - Episode 1.08 - Chapter 8 - Review

After a very strong start, The Mandalorian had a bit of a stumble. The finale needed to be a strong, assertive, all encompassing and satisfying story. Luckily, it was exactly that.

Fresh off the heals of The Rise Of Skywalker, The Mandalorian delivered a finale that was equal parts action, emotion, and spectacle. The episode takes no time in picking up where the penultimate episode left off. 

Mando's name was revealed to be Din Djarin, giving him some much needed development that was missing in some of the episodes. His humanity has always been on display. Caring for the Child, and using his moral compass proved that. But for him to actually get a name and show his face, means he reached a new level. Those things needed to be earned and they were.

Outside of that, he got two more very important things: A signet, and his jet pack. At the beginning he was a bounty hunter with no friends and middling armor. By the end, he had a team of friends, some of the best armor in the universe, and a real purpose and sense of self.

The Child had his fair share of adorable moments, and proves once again how strong he is with the force. He also finally has a destination. The finale not only wrapped up some lingering things, like Din's anchor to that planet and the guild, but it also set up the future. Din's new mission is to find the home of The Child, the home of the species we know so well from seeing Master Yoda in other Star Wars films. Disney has a gold mine with The Child, so it will probably be a part of the show for a long, long time.

Cara Dune and Greef Carga (Gina Carano and Carl Weathers) also got fleshed out. They stand out among the mostly 1 dimensional characters that the show has introduced. They were both great, and it will be fun to see what is in store for them in season 2.

The MVP of the supporting cast in the episode though, was IG-11. His second life was an amazing addition to the history of The Child, and story in general. His sacrifice was powerful, and felt in every way. The show planted the seed of Din hating and distrusting droids. To have the droid that he originally killed be the one to save their lives was a great bit of writing. Taika Waititi gave heart to the character not only through his performance, but through his direction as well.

Not to be forgotten, is of course Giancarlo Esposito, who plays a villain like nobody's business. His Moff Gideon is mysterious, but definitely someone that is to be reckoned with. In true Star Wars fashion, he possesses something that puts him at a level above all others. In true "season finale" fashion, it left an easter egg and a big reveal for fans to theorize for months to come.

Moff Gideon is in possession of the Dark Saber, which has a long history in the Mandalorian culture, and Star Wars lore. The Clone Wars and Rebels both explore it, and for it to get a third chapter in a live action form is quite exciting.

The finale stuck the landing, and thus ended Star Wars' very first live action television series on a high note. There is much more to come, but nothing will ever be as special as this. For it to be such a resounding success, is a testament to the brand, the form, and Jon Favreau himself. 

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