The Mandalorian - Episode 1.06 - Chapter 6 - Review

Just when you think The Mandalorian has put the toughest thing behind him, up comes something even more challenging. Episode 6 of The Mandalorian put him up against a rebel prison, and a dangerous crew.

The cameos in this episode were a lot of fun. They weren't cameos of known characters from the franchise, but of actors and filmmakers making appearances in front of the camera.

Star Wars fans are always used to Rebels/Resistance against Empire/First Order. The Mandalorian shows characters who don't have a side. So they do jobs against Empire type folks, and Rebel aligned folks. This episode was a good reminder of that.

The Mandalorian was looking for work, and went to an old acquaintance to do a job. From the beginning the deck was stacked against him, with antagonistic crew members, and differing agendas. Bill Burr leads a crew that will surely get a spinoff in some form (comics, animated, videogame, novel, whatever).

The episode did a great job showing how resourceful The Mandalorian is. If there was any doubt that he is the part of the greatest warrior race in the universe, there shouldn't be after this.

There was still a stunning void of character development for the protagonist. There was a little hint of history with these people, but there was no evolution or lesson learned. He did what he always did, and outsmarted all the people who tried to get the better of him.

The prison break was very well done. Rick Famuyiwa crafted another beautifully shot episode. It was intimate in its setting, but still effective, and tense in areas. The fight scenes of The Mandalorian destroying droids is pure Star Wars fun. It felt like watching a video game that has a complex move set. It felt like something you would see Batman do in the Arkham games.

With that being said, it feels like the show is still treading water. The story of dangerous people searching for The Child, and Mando protecting it is what makes The Mandalorian so intriguing. To see a procedural where a Bounty Hunter does "the case of the week" is perfectly fine. But when promised something bigger and better, the "case of the week" thing gets stale.

There are only 2 episodes left, and we haven't really had any of the main story since episode 3. Empty calories can taste delicious, but a substantial nutritious meal always feels better. The next two episodes should be that nutritious meal.


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