2019-2020 Arrowverse Roundup - Week 7

This week, allegiances were tested, families were torn apart, but also brought together. There were a lot of betrayals, but not a lot of costume time. These episodes really focused on the human aspect of the characters. 

Below is a breakdown of all of the Arrowverse stuff that aired this week. It is part review, part speculation, part analysis, and part rambling. It is organized in the order they aired throughout the week, so feel free to scroll down to whatever ones you watch. If you want to get caught up, you can use my Arrowverse Viewing Order guide to help you navigate!

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Batwoman - Episode 1.07 - Tell Me The Truth

This week had another relative of a legacy character. We got to meet Alfred's daughter Julia. In doing so, Batwoman checked an important box: The ol' switcheroo.

It is a tried true move in the superhero playbook. Let someone dress up as the hero you are suspected of being to throw them off the scent. Kate had to do it to Sophie, because Sophie was hellbent on telling Kate's father.

It didn't do her character any favors in terms of likability. She isn't as endearing as Mary, as awkward as Luke, or as deep as Commander Kane. Her character needs the most work, and they took a gigantic step backwards in making her so antagonistic towards Kate. Sophie even got more depth than usual because she had more flashbacks, and scenes with her husband. While this is the most her husband Tyler has ever had to do, it didn't help paint Sophie in a very positive light.

There was an ARGUS reference, which was a sensible Arrowverse connection to make. It will only be a matter of time before Lyla or Diggle appear in the show, unless something happens to them in Crisis.

Even though Julia left, she is the perfect person to become an ally once Kate gets a Bat team together. Every Wayne needs a Pennyworth. The set up is perfect for a future team up between them.

The gun that can penetrate Batman's suit was stolen, with Beth's help. But Beth actually saved her by removing a component. Beth seems to be working for someone named "Sofiyah", but is also playing by her own rules.

Each week the show desperately tries to drive home the point that Kate is not Bruce, that Batwoman is not Batman. This episode did it best, by having her open up and be someone. She doubled down on her real estate facade and bought a place that she will turn into a bar. It also helps her and Mary get closer despite their family falling apart.

Things are slow right now, but they are all definitely headed into a certain direction. Batwoman has recovered from its bad pilot, and is now on a clear and strong path.


Supergirl - Episode 5.07 - Tremors

If Batwoman is taking things slow, Supergirl is faster than a speeding bullet. The episode was jam packed with huge story moments for many of the main characters.

Kara was tricked by Lena, and finally knows her intentions. Kara won't give up on her friend, but at least they're on the same page now. Lena said "I'm not a villain", but she went into full villain mode this week. That is the kind of thing that villains usually say.

J'onn and his brother made peace, which means they can join up to fight against Lena. There is always the chance that Mal was tricking J'onn, in which case it is another bump in the road. But that reaction seemed very geniune, and it would be a shame to undermine that.

Brainy's inhibitor was damaged, and he is becoming smarter. However, that is sure to bring some of his ancestors evil/cold/calculated side with it, so there might be a very different Brainy coming down the pike.

Alex and Kelly figured each other out. That relationship is too important for it to dissolve, and it almost did. But they figured it out, and with Kara trapped in a Kryptonite tomb being betrayed by Lena, they decided to end the episode with Kelly and Alex kissing. It just shows how important that relationship is.

It was fun seeing Mitch Pileggi (Skinner from The X-Files) as Rama Khan. He had a Tommy Lee Jones vibe to him, and played the role well. It was nice to see him do something outside of what he is usually type cast as.

For all of that good stuff, the logic used in the episode was severely flawed. Kara defeated Rama Khan, who uses the Earth, in the Fortress of Solitude, because its not Earth, it is Krypton. If it has the components of Krypton (no influence from the yellow sun), then Kara should be powerless too. If it did make sense, it wasn't clear at any rate.

Despite that, it was still a great episode. They are putting everything on the table. This season has flowed better than any of the previous, as they get farther and farther away from the "monster of the week" formula that plagued them for so long.

Now that everything is on front street, the show can continue to grow and get better this season. The episode was so packed that Nia, William, and Andrea weren't even in it, yet it didn't feel like anything was missing. Good stuff.


Black Lightning - Episode 3.06 - The Book Of Resistance: Chapter One: Knocking On Heaven's Door

A new chapter began on Black Lightning this week, even though they were still dealing with the ramifications of everything that has happened so far. The Pierce family is falling apart, and it seems like things will only get worse before they get better.

Tavon's death was hard for everyone, but especially Anissa and Jefferson, who are both to blame for it happening. Anissa is dealing with that, and the poison that Khalil put in her system. This is the worst we've seen Anissa, she's not very good at relying on others. The scene where she doubled down on Jefferson was painful to watch, because things are so broken. It was a well done scene, but seeing two characters that are supposed to be on the same side antagonistic with each other is difficult.

The most interesting dynamic of the whole episode was Lynn and Tobias interacting. They are playing a game. It was no coincidence that Tobias was playing chess when talking to Lynn. That is what their relationship has turned into: A big chess match.

Brandon and Jennifer got closer, and Brandon's story is a good one. I am not sure if he is a character from the comics, but he will be a fun ally to have. Especially after the news about Khalil's survival hits the Pierce family.

Odell seemed to have finally met his demise, but the Pierce family isn't out of the woods yet. Lynn is addicted to Green Light, and left Jefferson again. Jennifer has attacked people without her dad or Gambi knowing. Anissa and Jefferson have never been farther apart. If Odell really is gone for good, his impact will be felt for a long time to come.

A new book/chapter starting is fitting, because there was definitely a shift. It might shift into familiar territory with Tobias becoming more powerful and stuff too. There are many elements that are slowly coming into play, and it makes for a very entertaining hour of television.


The Flash - Episode 6.06 - License To Elongate

A couple of seasons ago, The Flash decided to lean into its light-hearted campiness. Some episodes it is more prevalent than others. This is one of those times.

The cast was divided again, perhaps to accommodate different filming schedules for Crisis On Infinite Earths. So the stories that were told felt very disjointed. But all of them had their own charm in one or another.

The weakest of 3 was the Cecile/Chester one. That was definitely doing some forced character work. It was borderline filler. To spend that much time on Chester, definitely makes me think that he will be Cisco's replacement (who was nowhere to be seen in this episode by the way).

This season is taking a lot of side roads to get to Crisis. The "big bad" of this season was reduced to a mere cameo cliffhanger at the end of the episode. He wasn't missed per se, but the show seems to have commitment issues to him.

The secondary story with Wells and Allegra had some interesting moments. She seems to be an inevitable member of Team Flash too, along with Chester. But right now she is figuring herself out. That was a much better, stronger, and more emotional journey than Cecile and Chester. Wells revealing Barry's secret identity was rough. It was so nonchalant, then immediately swept under the rug. The whole episode could have been dedicated to that. They don't have a lot of time to deal with that before Crisis arrives and changes everything.

Ralph and Barry had the best story, as expected. Barry found the importance of his non-Flash persona, and Ralph proved he could lead and protect. Both characters needed the journey, and both of them are in better places now than they were at the beginning of the episode.

With having such a wide divide, the cohesiveness goes away, but they are able to tell better smaller micro-stories. It is a sacrifice that fans should be fine with, if it gives us the best Crisis On Infinite Earths possible.


Arrow - Episode 8.05 - Prochnost

This episode checked a few more boxes before Arrow bows out for good. Anatoly returned, and was able to get closure in a few ways. Diggle is still trying to change the future by helping Roy.

Roy decided to stick around a bit longer, which was surprising, but welcome. I thought he would be a one and done, like Thea, Tommy, Malcolm, etc. Being part of a team helps him heal in the future, and if this didn't happen before, maybe Diggle really is changing things. Maybe Diggle is using his willpower to change the future...

Oliver is getting closer and closer to Mia. Of course, that is done like no other father and daughter. They only got closer by being kidnapped by Russian gangsters, and fighting their way out.

The biggest triumph of the episode though, was Laurel's allegiances. She did not betray Oliver like The Monitor wanted her to. Instead, she was upfront and honest with him and Diggle, and exposed Lyla's agenda. It was a move that was not only endearing, but also very earned. All of the work that the show has put into making Earth-2 Laurel a hero was not wasted.

Another episode where Dinah and Rene are absent is curious. Sure, it might be the simple reason where they don't have time for filler, and need to handle some business with other characters first. And if Dinah is going to be in the Canaries spinoff, there is time for her stories later. But to have two such integral cast members missing for most of the season so far is strange. It could be that they have big roles in Crisis too, and that is taking a lot of their time.

Each week leads into the next, which is a lot of fun. It is one mission, one story, but separate adventures to accomplish their goal. There is no sign of the future kids going back yet, so they might be like that the rest of the season!

"The best episode of the week" portion of this rundown is getting redundant, but due to the unique position, it's Arrow. It will probably always be Arrow until it has its swan song. But the episode was really good. I'm a sucker for time travel too, so that definitely helps. Every episode was strong this week though.


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