2018-2019 Arrowverse Roundup - Week 28 Review

Both finales did exactly what they needed to. The Arrowverse is officially over for the summer now. While there were some struggles along the way, the endings were satisfying. There were some surprises, and actually some connective tissue between the two finales as one character appeared in both. You can read my thoughts below, which is more "overall thoughts" than a straight review.

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Supergirl - Episode 4.22- "The Quest For Peace"

Jon Cryer made his triumphant return as Lex Luthor, and the episode wrapped up what ended up being a pretty spread out season. It gave satisfying endings to nearly every thread, though the Brainy-Braniac thing felt a bit forced.

Cryer is truly spectacular. He turned in an Emmy worthy performance. These shows don't get recognized at the Emmys, but if anything changed that, Cryer would. He perfectly portrayed Lex's disregard for any human life he was superior to. His plan was revealed, and of course it involved killing Superman on Argo. If Tyler Hoechlin never gets to play off of Cryer's Luthor, it will be a shame.

They couldn't sustain the premise of Brainiac being like his evil namesake for very long, and they solved it in a very sweet way. It is good that him and Nia are a thing now, the story of them navigating a relationship will be fun to explore next season.

Their entire special effects seemed to be used this episode for Lex's Exo-Suit. It might explain there was such bad CGI in earlier episodes.

Lockwood got locked up, which sets up a return in the future. He was put in jail, but his son seemed to have found peace, and that was important.

The music was absolutely on point, they used a lot of well known songs to great effect. I don't think Sinatra music is cheap, so they must have spent a pretty penny on it.

Lena killed Lex, but not before Lex revealed Kara's secret identity. Of course, Lex didn't actually die, the Monitor grabbed him. That makes me extremely excited, because that means he is most likely going to be in Crisis On Infinite Earths. He also dropped off Manhunters brother. I wouldn't be surprised if he was an evil doppelganger from another Earth. But for a being that isn't supposed to interfere, The Monitor is doing a whole lot of moving and shaking.

It will be a lot of fun to see how Lena handles knowing what she does, when the rest of her friends don't know that she knows.

"Leviathan" was also teased, which will no doubt be the big bad of next year with Evil Manhunter. Hopefully it is told in a better way than Red Daughter was, which was essentially irrelevant for the first half of the season.

The finale was very satisfying, even though getting there was a bit unstable. I do like that The CW is going all in on Crisis, teasing it on all 4 finales. It does seem that Lex will join Supergirl in it. Let's hope Superman and Lois do too.


Legends Of Tomorrow - Episode 4.16 - "Hey World"

One of the most ridiculous seasons of television came to an end in true Legends fashion: Visuals and ideas no one ever thought they'd see in a DC TV show, paired with spectacular character work that was both heartfelt and heartbreaking.

I am a sucker for meta humor, so for Nate to say "We should have done the crossover" was very funny to me. But it also was paid off later, when we saw The Monitor show up. I don't think there was any confirmation that the Legends were going to be involved in Crisis until now. I am glad that they will be. It will make it feel bigger.

The CGI was very impressive in this, they must have had a big budget to do the things they wanted to. 

The set up of Astra Logue as the new big bad, with an army of rescued souls from Hell is the show getting back to what they do best - go through history and recapture people who are disturbing it. There were a lot of names that she grabbed, including Genghis Khan, but there are two very exciting possibilities.

The first comes from the best cameo of the season, in the form of Vandal Savage. His appearance was a very nice surprise. If he is involved in the next season in any capacity, it will be well worth it. The show was still finding its footing when Vandal Savage was the villain in season 1. For them to reintroduce him in this new and improved show is a great treat.

The other of course, is Damien Darhk. He was mentioned, but never seen. His arc ran its course a long time ago, but it would be fun to see him pop up again, just briefly though.

They found a really sweet way for Tom Wilson to return and have a great scene with Nick Zano after Nate died. Of course, it didn't last long but it did come at a cost in Zari.

Zari is alive and well, but not a legend. Her personal history changed, and so her brother never died. Her brother is now a Legend, and the team seems to not even know Zari. I have a feeling that Nate will have the same condition as Constantine, when he could remember more than one timeline. This episode set up that storyline, which looks like it will be the most interesting one of the season. I just hope she is back for Crisis.

Overall, it was a fun finale, and did exactly what it needed to. Next season of the Arrowverse is huge for a plethora of reasons: The biggest crossover in television history (potentially), the end of Arrow, the beginning of Batwoman, and more. I'm glad Legends Of Tomorrow will be around for it.



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