2018-2019 Arrowverse Roundup - Week 24 Review

Just a few short thoughts for each episode this week. Sorry it isn't longer. But all four shows had a lot going for them as they are gearing up for their finales within the next month.

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Supergirl - Episode 4.18 - "Crime And Punishment"

While most people watch superhero shows for the flying and the punching, sometimes a good old fashion detective episode can be fun. Not only does it keep the budget down, but it can unravel mysteries in interesting ways. If there were more interesting ways to do it, this way would have gone away a long time ago.

Some aesthetics were weird though. Mainly, I have never noticed Kara's Supergirl appearance involve lipstick and earrings. No problem with it if was Benoist's choice, but hopefully it wasn't a production decision to sex up the character.

Colonel Haley was impressive this week. Alex pleaded to her humanity as a mother, and it worked. The Haley-Alex working relationship is getting better, and Haley is gaining more and more likable.
Otis Graves finally met his demise....maybe. Melding him with Metallo and being associated with Lex is fun. The episode showed the impact of Lex without him actually being there, and that was "Crime And Punishment's" greatest achievement.

Overall, the various things that are in play all got the time they needed. Even James's therapy and healing was given the proper amount of time. 


Arrow - Episode 7.19 - "Spartan"

Let's get this out of the way: Diggle's stepdad is named Stewart. If nothing comes of that, it is a mean thing to do. They've hinted at Green Lantern connections for Diggle before, but this is the biggest yet, other than Barry's Elseworlds mention. Arrow doesn't have a lot of time left, so I hope they make the best of it.

Ernie Hudson is the one who brought Stewart to life, and you don't cast someone of that caliber for a one off. I have a feeling we will see him again, and maybe even in a recurring status next season. He was great in this episode though, and really held the screen when sharing it with David Ramsey.

It is about time we got a focus on Diggle. He has been sidelined far too long. The stuff that he did get to was ARGUS related and a bit out of character. To have "classic" Diggle back, and with a meaty story was refreshing.

His legacy was felt in the flashforwards too. Connor Hawke is his younger son, who is on his own journey. John Jr is apparently evil like his uncle, and is the new Deathstroke which is....an interesting direction to take the character. It would be cool to see him suit up though.

Oliver Queen was front and center in his own show again this week. Who would have thought it? It was great that he got to finish some unfinished business with Emiko. While they are far from done, Emiko now has proper closure thanks to Oliver.

It definitely seems they are positioning everyone for the end game. The question is: What exactly is that end game? It doesn't seem clear. Sure, it all leads to Crisis On Infinite Earths, but outside of that, who knows. Flash forwards give us some clues, but thats 30 years later, not the immediate future.

Still, it was a great episode, and hopefully the momentum continues.


Legends Of Tomorrow - Episode 4.12 - "The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe"

This weird show had the perfect amount of weirdness. This was one of the best episodes of Legends Of Tomorrow in ages. It had the right amount of wacky, campy substance, and the right amount of story, character, emotion, and structure.

Ava and Sara working out their relationship was needed, and the show did it in a very entertaining way. Combining it with saving Ava from death was a brilliant move, and it was executed perfectly.

Ray and Nate finally had some things to do together. They are great together, and the show has split them up far too long. I hope that they are reunited for good from now on, but it doesn't seem like that will be the case.

The beef of the story was Constantine and Nora capturing Neron. The manipulation was well laid out, and so was the suspense. Constantine and Nora complimented each other nicely, and you could feel the stakes in their story. It was the strongest point in a strong episode.

Of course, what would an episode of Legends Of Tomorrow be without discussions about an eggplant emoji? I wasn't sure about the Zari/Nate relationship at first, but it has grown on me. 

Overall, the show did masterful character again, even giving Ray something exciting to do now that he is possessed by a demon. The nicest and sweetest person on the Wave Rider has an edge to him now, and that will be fun to watch.


The Flash - Episode 5.19 - "Snow Pack"

This episode of The Flash had a lot of wonderful visuals, and some really strong character work for nearly everybody. However, "Snow Pack" still felt unfocused in the grand scheme of things. The episode itself, with no context of the season, felt like it got a lot done. But in the overarching season, it felt like a speed bump on the journey.

The episode was once again missing Carlos Valdes, which is not a good sign for his future. I do hope it isn't due to an illness or an injury like was the case for Jesse L. Martin at the beginning of the season. It feels like he will leave after this season, which is weird because it feels like they are setting up two other exits as well.

There were large strides made in Caitlin Snow's story. Her family mysteries were solved, she's at peace with Killer Frost, and they introduced another doctor character earlier in the season who could be brought in. All signs point to Danielle Panabaker's exit, but I hope it doesn't happen.

We saw a scene where Sherloque was literally packing to leave. His exit isn't as troublesome, as they like to refresh Tom Cavanagh's role every year. Who knows, he might be Thawne full time again next season, depending on how things go. But if Cavanagh leaves with Valdes or Panabaker, I don't know if the show will ever recover.

Nora took a turn down the dark side, tapping into the negative speed force using the anger over her father. This season has had a villain issue, switching from to another. Then you throw Thawne and an angry Nora, and Team Flash has lot on their plate. The story can become muddled in the midst of everything.

Iris and Ralph's future visit was fun, but it seems way to easy now. Everyone can do it, and that can cause some logistical issues. Hopefully it is still only used sparingly.

The best episode this week was Arrow, if only for that maybe-promise alone. But when that show goes back to basics, it thrives. This was a classic adventure with OTA, and the episode was all the better for it.


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