2018-2019 Arrowverse Roundup - Week 21 Review

Well, a lot of the Earth-One CW heroes are on spring break, but Earth-38 is still going strong. There was also a Legendary return this week. The slate was emptier than usual, but we still had character growth, surprises, fallout, and secrets revealed.

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Supergirl - Episode 4.17 - "All About Eve"

Supergirl was on a high from the introduction of Jon Cryer's Lex Luthor. But he is gone now, and "All About Eve" is all about the aftermath. The episode takes a bit to find its footing, but it finally fixed one big character problem the show suffered from.

J'onn Jones is finally back where he should be, psychologically speaking. His "quest for peace" wasn't working. His character is literally called "Martian Manhunter". For them to shy away from that, then tread water for a long time after was exhausting at times. But it is nice that J'onn's journey brought him right back to where he was supposed to be.

I wonder how long they had this story planned for Eve. She's been a recurring character since s2. I don't think they even knew they'd ever have access to Lex Luthor back then, so it had to be recently. However, the pieces fit quite nice. It was one of the smoothest retcons the show has done.

James seems to have an effect from the serum he was given to save his life. If that results in James Olsen being superpowered, well, that could be interesting or disastrous. A big problem with superhero shows is the balance between superheroes and regular people. It tends to get a bit lopsided sometimes. The show completely squandered James as The Guardian. I don't have high hopes for what they will do with him if he is similar to Superman or Mon-El.

While we didn't get to see Lex again in "All About Eve", Lillian Luthor returned. Mommy Dearest was brought in for some important exposition. It would be nice to see Cryer interact with her when he returns in the finale.

The episode was moved forward by seeing Eve change on TV. It was so obvious, that everyone would have noticed it. With HD TVs and the internet now, people can see a single gray hair in someones head. It should be very easy to prove Supergirl's innocence, because it was not subtle in the slightest on the TV they were watching. It felt a little cheap.

A bit of a break before the next episode is maybe best. It will let things cool down. Lex came in like a wrecking ball, created chaos, and now Supergirl is an enemy of the state. This cliffhanger was pretty impressive.


Legends Of Tomorrow - Episode 4.09 - "Lucha de Apuestas"

The craziest show on TV returned, not with a bang, but more of phlump. With that being said, it was nice that they solved some things relatively quickly. The show didn't draw out Nate not knowing what his father was up to. The fact that he knows now is good, they can get to business stopping him.

Sara and Ava's relationship seems broken. That happens in written relationships, but it happened so fast. There wasn't a natural build up of tension. Last time we saw them do relationship stuff, Sara dressed up in a sexy outfit and snuck into Ava's office for her birthday. Now they are at each others throats, and hardly talking. It went from one extreme to another, very quickly.

Mona is an integral part of the show. That's fine, she's a sweet character. But they just gave her a much more interesting story now, which is good. Bringing her in, just to be a love-struck nerd was too stereotypical. But she seems to be some demon werewolf thing too. That works.

This episode also seemed to start to plant the seeds of a Zari/Nate romance, or at least a flirtation. That could work, but it also might be one too many. They are barely juggling Sara/Ava and Ray/Nora. Not to mention you still have Constantine in love with the guy who now seems to be the big bad of the season. He made a quick appearance in this episode just so you didn't forget.

There wasn't a ton of depth in this episode. But it's been gone for so long, that its forgivable. They eased everyone back into this wacky world, which was probably the smartest option.

Supergirl was the best episode this week, almost by default. It was still riding the Lex Luthor waves and is much deeper in the season that Legends. When Supergirl has been good this year, it's been great. Some incredible work happening on that show, sometimes.


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