2018-2019 Arrowverse Roundup - Week 11 Review

The Arrowverse is back! The Flash flew solo this week, as the first one to welcome us to 2019. There were some familiar tropes to superhero fans in this episode, but hopefully with a different outcome.

The Flash - Episode 5.10 - "The Flash & The Furious"

This episode was relatively "Flash light", maybe a consequence of the Elseworlds crossover. But there was still a lot to get done. We got the continuation of the cliffhanger from the midseason finale. Nora and Thawne have an interesting relationship. There is enough superhero material out there to not automatically trust Thawne on his redemption.

This was the first episode that we didn't get any of Cicada either, and you know what, he wasn't all that missed. He would be eventually, but they had a lot of business to handle without him.

One of the biggest plot lines this episode was Cisco finding a "cure" to the meta gene. X-Men: The Last Stand tackled this already. Let's just hope it is handled better here. The concept in and of itself is an intriguing one, which is why it keeps cropping up. Is the meta-gene a disease to be cured? With great power comes great responsibility, but that power and responsibility should be optional, according to some people.

Cisco wanting it and Caitlin not wanting it offers a fresh dynamic between the two characters....3 if you count Killer Frost separately. They came to somewhat of an understanding by the end of this episode, but it is totally not the end of it. A "cure" is a big deal, and will probably have ramifications beyond the obvious.

Nora not trusting Thawne made it so she didn't have any shades of gray in her judging of other "bad guys". You couldn't have put the comparison anymore on front street. There was no nuance to it. It was spelled out in every way possible. Drax from Guardians Of The Galaxy, who only gets literal meanings would have a complete understanding of it.

There was some fun to be had too, like a Legends reference and Barry reading Rory's book. Sherloque trying to decipher the speed force language is one of the mysteries that I like most. Him discovering Gideon and the deleted information will move his case forward. I enjoy that this "great detective" has an actual mystery he is solving by himself.

This episode was fun, and while maybe seems like filler on the surface due to an absence of Cicada, actually had some pretty important moments to set up the rest of the season.

Next week we get Supergirl, Arrow, and Black Lightning back! Legends Of Tomorrow will return in April.


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