2018-2019 Arrowverse Roundup - Week 10 Review

*NOTE* The review for Elseworlds will be in a separate post. This one contains the mid-season finales for Legends Of Tomorrow and Black Lightning. I do realize that Black Lightning is not part of the Arrowverse, but neither was Supergirl, until it was....


Legends Of Tomorrow - Episode 4.08 - "Legends of To-Meow-Meow"

"A big ball...of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey...stuff." - That is how the Doctor from Doctor Who described time once. If the episode he said that in (one called "Blink") didn't convince you, the mid-season of Legends Of Tomorrow most definitely should.

The episode wasted no time in poking fun of the fact that they were not in Elseworlds. Then it was straight to business. Constantine and Charlie messed up time, and the rest of the episode was spent them trying to fix it. This is what I envisioned a time travel show to be!

Because of the tampering of time, the Legends of Tomorrow ceased to exist. Instead, it was "The Custodians of Chronology", "The Sirens of Space-Time" and the "Puppets of Tomorrow". The show even contained an 80's sitcom style opening theme!

Constantine tried to fix his life, but in order to fix time, he had to wreck his life again. So there were 3 Constantine's on the screen at one time once. 

The episode was great for Charlie too, as she realized that the Legends needed her more than they thought. She prevented them from being killers, and it feels like she will be a more integral part of the team going forward.

Constantine had Charlie and Zari be the two sides of his conscience. Charlie had selfish reasons why she didn't want Constantine to fix time, and Zari knew how personally affecting time could mess with things. So while Zari wasn't a cat, she was trying to make things right.

This was the best episode of the season, and while it would have been fun to see them with their friends from the other shows, this was a fun journey to behold too.

Everyone had something to do, everyone added something and time is back to as normal as time can be on Legends Of Tomorrow. Neron the demon is going to be the main villain, and it should be fun to see how that plays out in the future.


Black Lightning - Episode 2.09 - "The Book Of Rebellion: Chapter Two: Gift of Magi"

Well the mid-season finale didn't go quite how I envisioned, but the people who run this show are much smarter than me, so that is a good thing.

The best part of the show is that we got an introduction to R.J. Cyler's character Todd Green. R.J. Cyler is one of my favorite young actors working today. He was Billy in the Power Rangers movie. He seems like he is going to have a lot to do in the future of the show.

The scenes with Todd meeting Tobias shows how cunning and charming Tobias can actually be. Todd might not know what he got himself into, but I am very curious

The meat of the show was still the Pierce family, and Tobias, looking for Jennifer and Khalil. Jennifer took a huge leap in being able to control her powers. The "head space" that she goes into is a cool effect.

Jeff and Anissa were very close to finding Jennifer. But it felt like things were at a stand still for most of the episode. The season has been great so far, but it felt like parts of this were treading water.

The very end, after Jennifer and Khalil got even further away, we cut to a bar in Texas where someone killed everyone inside the bar. He got a phone call, and the phone call is leading to Freeland. I don't know who the character is, but it feels like he will be a big part of the second half of the season. The show needs something else than just the search for Jennifer and Khalil, and it seems like this person, and the inclusion of R.J. Cyler will bring that to the show.

I love this show, and the stories that it tells. I look forward to what the future brings.

Both shows were great, they were serviceable mid-season teases. While they were never going to compete with Elseworlds, they never tried to. They handled their business, and were better for it.


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