2018-2019 Arrowverse Roundup - Week 5 Review

While The Flash and Black Lightning took the week off so you could vote, we had a ton of stuff this week. Beebo returned on TWO shows, we had a shapeshifter and some daddy issues. Below are my thoughts and musings on each episode that aired this week.

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Supergirl - Episode 4.04 - "Ahimsa"

This episode had a lot going for it. Sometimes balancing so many characters can cause the story to suffer. Other times, Supergirl shows masterful execution of character balance and story. This is one of those times. "Ahimsa" did a lot of great character work, but still had a fun story.

By far the best part of the episode was the introduction of Manchester Black. David Ajala did a great job making him instantly likeable. I hope he sticks around for many seasons to come.

Kara is still stuck in the suit with an Iron Man-esque HUD. The suit is cool. But I'm glad it's not needed any longer. It was resolved much quicker than I thought. I assume its because Melissa Benoist was busy filming the Russian stuff, and this way they could do both at the same time.

Alex and J'onn are having a hell of a time of it lately. Their journeys are compelling, and hopefully both paths will come to a satisfying conclusion. Lena and Brainy are bonding. That is an unlikely pair that I want to see more of. They were able to help each other, and if Lex ever comes into the mix, I can see Brainy helping Lena further.

With that being said, there were some cringeworthy things too. Firstly, Rhona Mitra's campy over the top acting. I don't think anyone told her that Supergirl isn't like the Batman series with Adam West. That is where her acting belongs. It's offputting and not at all in line with everyone else's. She seems to be done now, with Agent Liberty being the main villain, so maybe I can start to take the villains seriously now.

There were some pretty awful lines too, both pertaining to heroes. First Kara saying "I'm a hero, Alex. I take risks," is extremely egotistical and self centered. It sounds like something Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson would say in a Fast and Furious movie - not Supergirl. She is more humble than that. But she isn't much better than her sister, who said something almost just as bad: "Heroes go out there, even when they know something bad's gonna happen." Stop it. Let other people call you that. The Danvers sisters doing it is not a good look.

Agent Liberty is going dark fast. He wants to attack the children. That is a bold move, and will definitely cement him in villain territory. No redemption for the man who voices Darth Maul.

There was a Beebo sighting in National City! If I'm not mistaken, this is the first time we've seen Beebo on Earth-38. But knowing his popularity, it won't be the last. In fact, it wouldn't even be the last time this week that we see Beebo.

The military interference at the DEO will be interesting. It was a nice note to end on. The show has a lot going for it right now. Despite the few cringeworthy things, "Ahimsa" - a Hindu word for non-violence was quite good.


Arrow - Episode 7.04 - "Level 2"

Well, Oliver Queen didn't make it to level 2. Instead he was subjected to some Clockwork Orange type torture that came out of nowhere. While he was being psychologically tortured, Felicity was contemplating physical torture.

Felicity is going down a dark path. A path that Ollie, Diggle, Rene, and Dinah have all gone down in one way or another. The difference is, they were able to find the light again. Felicity needed to find it, and did - through Laurel2. Laurel2 is finding redemption in the memory of Quentin Lance. Her dynamic with Felicity is an interesting one, and it gives her a natural way back into the story.

We saw more of the new Green Arrow, whose identity is still a mystery. It has to be either Connor Hawk, or William from the future, sent back to make things right, because the future is in bad shape.

In the future, we see that Star City is destroyed and the Glades are barricaded, almost like their own sovereign nation. Future Dinah is no longer police chief, but back to being a vigilante. The way she was rubbing her throat though, it seems like her Canary powers were taken away. Then we saw Zoe - Rene's daughter, as one of the last vigilantes left still fighting the good fight. Dinah announced that Felicity was dead, but her clues and puzzles are bringing William and Roy somewhere. I can see it being a time travel device where William will be the Green Arrow and fix the timeline or something like that.

Dinah arrested Rene, but that was quickly resolved. That was more for her journey than his. Between him and Diggle, Dinah is coming around again.

Beebo! We got to see Beebo again. Curtis gave one to Zoe. Beebo has officially been in every Arrowverse show now. Now let's see when it shows up in the upcoming Batwoman show!

The show keeps teasing this mysterious presence in prison with Oliver that is his ticket to Diaz. To build someone up like that means it has to be someone we know. I hope the build up isn't much longer though, because it could become anti-climactic.

The biggest theme was "sins of the father". Oliver is paying for Robert's sins. We see William in the future paying for Oliver's. Zoe is paying for Rene's in the future also. Laurel2 is doing what she is doing because of Quentin. It was amazing how many characters that one notion could encapsulate.

Felicity letting her prisoner go to lead her to Diaz could continue her down a dark path. We shall see how far she will actually go.


Legends Of Tomorrow - Episode 4.03 - "Dancing Queen"

London in 1977! This episode wasn't as crazy as its predecessors but it was still wacky. Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer had a lot of character development here. He needed it. He was a bit one dimensional, and now he has depth. As crazy as this show is, their character development is extraordinary.

Constantine had a lot to deal with too. He saw his parents whose lives he messed up by merely existing. He bonded with Zari over it, and let her and the audience. The waverider has a bunch of messes and misfits on it - Constantine might be the biggest one.

There is a lot of tensions between the Legends. There could be a divide coming. I can see Ray and Zari doing something radical against the rest. We might have the makings of an Arrowverse Civil War.

Nate in the office was fun for a bit. But I want him back on the Waverider. The novelty of him with Ava and Gary has warn off. But, I get it. He is very powerful with his steel powers, so they have to keep him away from things that would be easily solvable. Sort of like Wally last year with his speed. Now with this new magical being on board that looks Amaya, things will only get more difficult for him.

Anjli Mohindra was the guest star in this episode and that made me happy. She starred in the Doctor Who spinoff The Sarah Jane Adventures and I was thrilled to see her on my screen again! She was a very important character too - one that will continue on in another way. Anytime a Whoniverse alum shows up on the Arrowverse is a time to celebrate! 

The pairings of characters that they've chosen to explore this year is great. With that being said, some are criminally underused. Both Sara and Mick haven't had much to do at all. It is early in the season, so there is time to give them stories, but they have been reduced to a one liner, a snarky quip, or plot exposition thus far.

It's taken 3 episodes to set everything up, but the ball is rolling now! They should be able to gain some momentum in their season here on out.

The best episode of the week was Arrow. But Legends is an honorable mention because of Anjli Mohindra and my Doctor Who bias. Supergirl wasn't bad either, so this was a very strong week in the Arrowverse!


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