Arrowverse Roundup - Week 31 Review

In my experience, penultimate episodes are usually the best ones of the season. That was not the case here. While the episode had some strong elements, it stumbled its way to the finale. Read all my thoughts on it below, and as always there will be SPOILERS for the episode if you have not seen it.

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Supergirl - Episode 3.22 - "Make It Reign"

This episode was a vast improvement over last week's. With that being said, it still should have been better for a "penultimate" episode. Instead, we are kind of just stumbling into the finale.

The point that Alex wants to adopt can't be driven home any harder. It is very obvious. Hopefully that story takes the next step, in her actually adopting. That will probably be next year's story with Alex - is her life too dangerous to be allowed a kid?

It was obvious that Supergirl and Mon-El would return to Earth. It was a bit of a surprise that Supergirl's mother did though. Again I ask, why hasn't Kara told Clark? "Hey Clark, your aunt you thought dead, a direct connection to Argo, the city that survived that I neglected to tell you about, is now on Earth. Come over and visit." Is that so hard?

I've maintained for a while that Ruby would be the key to defeating Reign. It seems to be going that way - Sam is back in that other dimension to try and weaken Reign. Sam is very weak herself. One will die, or maybe both will. I can still see a scenario where Ruby becomes motherless and ends up with Alex.

Winn has a death on his hands after his new tech failed to protect Demos, a fellow agent. That will be the catalyst for Winn to become even greater, or fall even farther. It remains to be seen which one will happen. After the pep-talk from James, (his only scene by the way, can he spend half of next season with the Legends please? If he splits time between both shows he can be better utilized!) Winn could be on the right path once more.

Myr'nn started transferring his memories to J'onn, but stopped when the world began falling apart. Myr'nn knows of a way he can save it, but I am sure it will cause his death. It will be better though, for J'onn's father to die a hero, instead of dying a helpless being. It will be the fuel for J'onn to keep going.

Chad Lowe's Coville returned again, only to promptly die. He had a pretty big arc this season, and was even behind the camera for an episode or two. His story seems pretty wrapped up though. He might return to direct again, but I doubt the character will return.

By the end of the episode the stage was set - the Earth is being teraformed to be fit for Kryptonians (sound familiar?) and Supergirl and her team have to prevent it. It is a worldwide issue, not just National City, so you would think Clark would be involved. I think I would have heard if Tyler Hoechlin was returning, so we need at least a throwaway line referencing him. Something like "Superman is securing Metropolis and the East Coast". I know this is Supergirl, so Superman can't be the answer to every problem, but you can't introduce Superman and then completely ignore him after that.

We'll see where the finale leaves things, in my last Arrowverse Roundup next week!


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