Arrowverse Roundup - Week 30 Review

Supergirl is wrapping up its third season, with only two episodes left. They stumbled a little bit here, but there were some definite seeds planted for the future. You can read my thoughts below. Spoilers will follow.

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Supergirl - Episode 3.21 - "Not Kansas"

Exactly what I feared last week happened this week. Let's get that out of the way first. So, Kara wanted to go back home, and Mon-El went with her. All fine so far. But here's the thing. Kara was excited to go home, to a piece of her dead planet. If you found a piece of your dead planet, wouldn't you tell every single person you knew from that planet about it? Especially if they were related to you? Of course you would.

So the fact that there wasn't even a throwaway line about Kara telling Clark about a bit of Krypton being back is absolutely baffling. I know that they can't use Superman all the time. That's fine. But even just Kara telling Mon-El "Clark is so excited about our discovery, and once he has a cleaner slate, he'll explore it," or something like that would have been sufficient. What makes it worse is that James literally mentions Clark in the episode. It was in reference to a story that Clark wrote. Dropping his name makes ignoring the elephant in the room even worse.

Outside of that, the episode had some strong elements. David Harewood did a ton of wonderful acting again, and J'onn is evolving as a person and a leader. With his Dad being ready to die, on top of the gun crisis hitting close to home, J'onn is becoming a new man. His evolution will be fun to see next season.

There also continues to be an evolution of the relationship between James and Lena. They have a disagreement over guns, and it might start putting a wedge into the relationship.

Sam Arias is back for now. But obviously that won't last with two episodes left. The Worldkiller Cult is still a powerful entity, and that is why there was trouble where Kara was.

The show works better when the A plot and the B plot are closely related, or even end up intertwined like a Seinfeld story. For an episode like this where you have two wholly separate stories, makes the episode a bit clunky.

There is sorrow coming. Myr'nn will perish before the season is out. He wants to do "The Reach" which is a way to transfer his memories to J'onn so they are not lost. But I don't think that is the only death. Sam is probably going to die too. We'll see.

Next week is the penultimate episode. Treading water has to be done already right? Let's hope that they don't make any egregious oversights like the Clark thing anymore.


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