Arrowverse Roundup - Week 29 Review

The only show left standing for the rest of the season is Supergirl, so that is what these reviews will be for the next three weeks. Just Supergirl. The title is merely for uniformity sake. This week had a ton of heartfelt (but potentially problematic in the long run) stuff that hopefully will work itself out. There will be spoilers for the episode if you have not seen it.

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Supergirl - Episode 3.20 - "Dark Side of the Moon"

For as big as this episode was, and the "off-Earth" episodes always are, I forsee it causing more narrative problems than it helping. Lets get those out of the way first.

First, if Kara found out that part of Krypton survived wouldn't the very first person she would want to tell is Clark? Even before they showed him on screen, you would always see Kara text or IM with him. Sure, it was to anchor the show, and now the show doesn't need that, but she would still have a relationship with her cousin.

Also, it was revealed that her mother is alive. That takes a ton of emotional weight off of the first season and a half. A lot of what drove her was her mother's death. Now it is essentially meaningless.

If the city of Argo survived, they can always bring Kandor into the show too. It opens up doors for all kinds of things - including a Krypton crossover. The whole thing just seems like a set up for her to leave Earth permanently, which is a dumb cliffhanger because we know she will be back for a fourth season. Hopefully there is a curveball that I don't see coming, but this isn't looking good.

Meanwhile on Earth, Alex had to deal with a potential assassin. It was a semi-regular B-plot, but the end result was nice. Alex is battling with the balance between wanting to be a soldier and a mother. The show is setting things up more and more for Ruby to be with Alex full time, and that way Alex gets to be a mother.

Similar to last week, when Ruby was able to help Myr'nn because they were both lost souls, Winn and Ruby had a mutual similarity. Both have evil parents. Winn can relate to Ruby in a way that no one else can, and the scenes between the two of them were very sweet.

Mon-El was very sweet, but I have a feeling that the cure he gave to the boy will backfire in some way. Also, he will follow Supergirl wherever she goes now, so The Guardian might have his hands full if that happens.

It was revealed that there is a Worldkiller worshipper on Argo. There are only three episodes left. For them to introduce so many new things so late in the game must mean that finale will be cram-packed or that they are already planting seeds to go deep into season 4.

"Dark Side of the Moon" was not a bad episode by itself, but the ramifications it may cause for stories in the future is problematic to me.

We'll find out next week.


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