Arrowverse Roundup - Week 28 Review

And then there was two. With Arrow ending last week, only The Flash and Supergirl remain. The Flash had its finale, and Supergirl is gearing up for their's in a few weeks. Below you can see my thoughts, analysis, speculation and review of the episodes. As always, there are spoilers to the episodes (including details of The Flash finale!) so tread carefully if you haven't watched the episodes yet.

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Supergirl - Episode 3.19 - "The Fanatical"

Things are heating up in National City! The episode provided a story from a thread that had long since been abandoned. The cult from Coville made its return. It felt like it was a way to bide time until the finale. A bunch of crazy people tried to build a 4th World Killer...If it was possible to do that, then they could in theory become someone like Superman or Supergirl.

However, all of that is tolerable for the story it gave to Mehcad Brooks' James Olsen. It is about time that The Guardian got to shine a little bit, and it gave Brooks his best performance on the show to date. His story about being in handcuffs at seven years old is absolutely heartbreaking. It was also very relevant to everything that is going on today. The reflection of real life events stuck in comic stories has been around since the dawn of comic books. It is nice that the TV shows are following that trend.

It was a stroke of genius to bring Ruby and Myr'nn together. Both are facing issues, and they can help each other out. Ruby can find solace in and old man losing his memory and Myr'nn can appreciate the youth of Ruby.

If that wasn't enough, they dealt with the "triangle" or Kara/Lena/Supergirl. It is getting to the point of ridiculous that Lena doesn't know. It hasn't gotten to Quentin Lance points of ridiculous yet, (it was quite pathetic that he found out as late as he did) but it can get there fast, especially with how intelligent Lena is. But I do like that Supergirl is seeing herself through a different lens when Lena tells Kara why she doesn't trust her. It will help in her growth and evolution.

The Reign story was sort of on hold, because she is subdued by Lena. But now that she is finding immunity to what is keeping her prisoner, it won't be long until she breaks out.

Like how Marlize will be the key to defeating The Thinker on The Flash, I wouldn't be surprised if Ruby was the key to defeating Reign. However, I can also see a path where Reign is defeated, Samantha dies, and Alex adopts Ruby.

Mon-El hasn't told Kara how he feels yet, but I think she still knows deep down. They will milk that for all its worth in the next four episodes though.

Things are almost wrapped up. Lets hope the ride to the finish line is a fun one!

The Flash - Episode 4.23 - "We Are The Flash"

As far as finales go, this episode was a tad anti-climactic. They did seem to wrap nearly every story line up with a nice, neat bow though. Team Flash defeated DeVoe exactly the way they should have - with pure emotion. In the process, they were able to save Ralph Dibny, who it seems, is sticking around next season.

The Wells story line wrapped up about as well as it could. It would have been a cheat not to have some consequence from using the dark matter. Stabilizing him to have average intelligence is a good compromise. While Tom Cavanagh is not leaving the show, that is probably the last we've seen of Harry Wells from Earth-2. I am stupidly excited to see what version of Wells the uber-talented Cavanagh will grace us with next.

Captain Singh offered Barry his job back. It seems that there is a set up for a somewhat normal life when we next see Team Flash, other than the bombshell that was dropped on them at the end of course.

There is a woman who keeps popping up over the place. She met pretty much everyone at different times, and even helped Barry save the city from a satellite. It was revealed that it is Barry and Iris's daughter, Nora West-Allen, and that she made "a big mistake". Like father, like daughter! So there's the plot for season 5 - fixing whatever mistake Nora made, and sending her back to the future (Cisco is going to have a field day with that) with the past intact. I am a sucker for time travel, so season 5 could be a ton of fun!

Speaking of children, Cecile finally had her baby, in what felt like a storybook ending. Wally West even showed up to see his new sister Jenna Marie West. He also talked about wanting to stay with the Legends. I hadn't heard whether or not he was going to be on either show next year, so I am hoping that is confirmation that he will be. The Waverider must be in present day though, both Sara and Wally had business to deal with. In a weird symmetry, it was both death and birth that brought them back.

I say that should be a new tradition - when Legends of Tomorrow ends before the other shows, let a couple of Legends cameo in the finales of the other shows.

Barry asked why they can't ask Kara, Oliver or Wally for help - I am glad that was addressed because it is what the audience asks every week, for all the shows. It is the one constant problem when you run a shared universe. You have to create reasons why they can't be together, which is sometimes more challenging than why they should come together. I'm glad they didn't shy away from it. Plus it made for a fun shout-out.

Overall, the finale was satisfying, if a bit lackluster. It definitely fit the tone of the season though, and gave satisfying conclusions to the drawn out stories this season.

The potential for the show is exciting, and I can't wait until season 5 starts!

We are The Flash.


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