Arrowverse Roundup - Week 27 Review

Arrow had its game-changing season finale, The Flash set up there's, and Supergirl had things happen that will change the show for the rest of the season. There will be SPOILERS for the episodes if you have not watched them.

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Supergirl - Episode 3.18 - "Shelter From The Storm"

This episode of Supergirl had a lot going on. The biggest was Reign hunting for Ruby. But relationships between Lena and James, Lena and Supergirl, and J'onn and his father M'yrnn were also at the forefront. None of those relationships compared to the journey Mon-El went through though.

Mon-El stayed behind to help Supergirl, after the Legion left to go "back to the future" as they like saying. As Chris Wood was the only one who was a series regular out of the Legion people, it was quite obvious. By the end of the season, he will probably decide to stay full time, and have a relationship with Kara again.

Ruby found out what has been going on with her mother, all while living the high life in Lex's mansion. I am curious if they will ever bring Lex into the show. If Superman is possible, so is he. At first I didn't like how Ruby acted, then I realized that is exactly what a 12 year old would do if she hadn't seen her mother in months and people were lying to her. Alex leaving her phone there was a bit too convenient. It would have been better if Ruby had to try to trick her to steal it or something, but they had a lot of other story to tell. Ruby picking up the mini-gun to help Supergirl was a pretty great scene though. Emma Tremblay is a great actor, and she did the range of emotion there incredibly well. That family is very talented (she is the older sister of actor Jacob Tremblay).

It is a curious thing to think how Sam will react to all the things that her alter-ego Reign is doing. She killed her mother, and was *this* close to killing her daughter. That wouldn't sit well with anyone.

Lena and Supergirl came to an understanding, but Lena confided in Kara (I am still shocked Lena hasn't figured out that they are the same person yet) that she will never trust Supergirl again now. The Luthor/El relationship is always complicated. Her relationship with James however, is better than ever. They seem to be an open book with each other, and have been spending a ton of time at each other's places. I've been a Superman fan since I was 3. If you told me an Olsen and a Luthor would ever fall in love, I would have laughed in your face. But Supergirl pulls it off quite organically.

M'yrnn actually came in handy this week, even though he is getting worse. It was a nice way to tie things in together, and make him part of the main plot. Seeing J'onn watch his father go through all of this is heartbreaking. It has added a layer to his character that was much needed, and David Harewood gives such a powerful performance every time.

Reign is captured again, but that can't be for long, since there is 5 episodes left. She will escape, and need to be defeated once and for all. We'll see how that plays out starting next week.

The Flash - Episode 4.22 - "Think Fast"

There have been quite a few episodes within the Arrowverse that have opened with John Diggle - this is the first time it has happened on The Flash however. It was fun to see David Ramsey do an impression of DeVoe though. That must have been fun for him to do.

I was under the impression that Diggle was going to be in a lot more of the episode, but Ramsey was in two quick scenes and that was it. With Arrow wrapping up this week, he's quite busy. It would be fun to see Diggle in the middle of some Arrow shenanigans, and have him whisked away only to be whisked back a few seconds later. Diggle's speed sickness scene was quite funny, it was definitely in tone with the show this season. 

When DeVoe entered the facility that he pretended to be Diggle to get into, there was a pretty great hallway fight, which is a badge of honor for a superhero show. A portal in the sky was the only missing from the checklist, and they got that at the end of the episode as well.

Wells and M'yrnn from Supergirl should get together - both of their brains are really bad. Wells was worse than he ever has been, and Iris was stuck with him. But together, they were able to track down Marlize, who I still believe is the key to victory. Her quote to Wells was quite meta: "You're experiencing the penultimate stages of the enlightenment" the penultimate episode, right before the Enlightenment happens in the finale.

Cecile's powers have evolved. Now instead of reading minds, she sort of embodies them. She stays in her own body but thinks and acts like someone around them. In this episode it was a pizza delivery kid, Joe, and Caitlin.

Caitlin had a revelation - she had a repressed memory of her father almost hitting her with the car when she was on her bike. Even back then, she turned into Killer Frost very briefly. Pre-Flashpoint, pre-particle accelerator explosion. The implications of that will bleed into season 5 I'm sure. But that was a pretty awesome turn of events in Caitlin's journey.

Only one episode left. It feels like there is way more story left to tell than just 43 minutes, but I guess not. Let's hope they make the most of it.

Arrow - Episode 6.23 - "Life Sentence"

Another season of Arrow is in the bag, and nothing will ever be the same! The show will return for a 7th season, but in what form is the question. Let's break it down.

This is the first time that a villain hasn't been handled in the finale. The message there is that Diaz will return. But the tables have turned. Laurel now has a vendetta against him, and he has nothing. He needs to rebuild his empire from scratch, save for maybe one thing. Diaz mentioned he had the Longbow Hunters. I expect them to be the primary villains of season 7, while Diaz builds back up.

Anatoly and Oliver's relationship is back to where it needs to be, and I can see him being an integral part of season 7. Diaz didn't kill him yet because he wanted him to suffer, but if Anatoly can get the Bratva back, that's an army he can use to help protect himself against Diaz.

Oliver knew something we didn't - and that was that he was going to jail after all of this was over. This makes me excited for a particular reason, but before that lets get to his goodbyes. There were 4 very prominent handshakes he gave during the episode. The first was was Diggle, who he gave the hood to again. That brotherhood is the cornerstone of the show, and so for them to come to an understanding was good to see. Plus, Oliver is going to need Diggle more than ever now.

The second handshake was Rene, coming off the heels of the best scene in the entire episode. Rene thought he was going to die, and he called his daughter to say goodbye. When Rene was introduced last year, he was unlike any character we had seen before, and was the shot in the arm the show needed. He continues to be one of the best characters in the show, and Rick Gonzalez gave one his best performances to date.

Maybe the most important handshake came next, which was with Quentin. I knew Paul Blackthorne was leaving the show. So I had a feeling he might die. The writers played that up too, leaving this handshake just an appetizer for the final scene the two characters had together.

The last handshake was for Dinah Drake. They mended what was the biggest gap out of everyone. Because of that, Dinah and Laurel actually cooperated for a bit. It was nice to see two Canaries again.

But then there were three! Caity Lotz took a break from the Waverider to come see her dying father. All three Canaries in the room at once. She had one of the best lines, when Laurel asked her if it was strange for Sara to see her, and she said "A little". I guess after becoming an enormous blue teddy bear to fight a demon from another dimension, seeing your sister from another Earth is only "a little" strange. Just when Sara finds closure from Darhk, her father dies and a version of her sister shows up again. The Lance family will never find peace, it seems.

Near the end, Quentin and Oliver had a heart to heart, before Quentin went into surgery to never return. Oliver called him a father, and Amell did some of his best acting to date. Between him and Gonzalez, the cast went all out in this episode.

The episode - and the season - ends with Oliver in a Supermax prison, and that makes me very excited for the possibilities. Some time ago, there was supposed to be a Green Arrow movie from David Goyer called Green Arrow: Escape from Supermax! It was film where Oliver Queen was falsely accused of a crime, put in Supermax with a bunch of villains, and he had to make his escape. If they adapt that, even a little bit, I will be a very happy person.

Overall, the finale was pretty satisfactory, though it didn't tie things up like it normally does. That is okay though, the story continues.

The show will sure look different, as I stated before. No Oliver, no bunker, presumably two Canaries. An old face will return to be a series regular, and the entire world knows who the Green Arrow is. It is going to be a long 5 month wait to see how that plays out!


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