Arrowverse Roundup - Week 26 Review

It is the beginning of the end for The Flash and Arrow. Not to be outdone, however, Supergirl had some enormous moments that will change the course of the season. Continue reading to see my thoughts, analysis and overall impressions of the episodes.

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Supergirl - Episode 3.17 - "Trinity"

The Trinity is finally together - and reeking havoc for Team Supergirl. But now that Team Supergirl has Lena Luthor on their side, they can make some headway.

The seed was planted for Brainy to help them go to a different direction very early on in the season. They did just that, to help get the alter-egos of Reign, Purity and Pestilence back to the World.

The best part was the Olsen/Luthor relationship journey though. Olsen actually felt uncomfortable doing something for Supergirl that was against a Luthor. He came clean about it, and they became closer. The confession that she created the new Kryptonite will not be going away anytime soon however.

It is only a matter of time before Lena finds out that Supergirl is Kara. She's smart. She also knows Jimmy Olsen is the Guardian, and that Kara's sister Alex works with the DEO. You'd have to be really thick to not figure it out. Lena isn't stupid, so that will happen this season if the writers stay true to the character.

Kara's unwavering positivity and hope in humanity paid off - somewhat. Julia Freeman fought back against her alter-ego Purity, and killed Pestilence. That is a huge win for them on the surface, but it seems that Reign inherited the powers of the other three now, which is probably more dangerous.

Sam is trying to fight back in the other dimension though, by constantly remembering her daughter Ruby. It worked for a bit, so Reign's main focus is getting rid of her. I've said it once and I will say it again, I don't think a show like Supergirl would show a mother's evil alter ego kill her daughter, but it does seem to let them hunt the daughter, which will come up later I am sure.

Mon-El and Kara had a sweet moment as well, and their relationship seems to be headed...somewhere. It can go one of many paths, and with a handful of episodes left, they will all probably be explored.

This episode had a lot happen, yet it felt kind of ordinary. The stakes are higher now, and the story will be in overdrive from here on out. Let's hope they still find time for some important character beats, like J'onn and his dad though.

The Flash - Episode 4.21 - "Harry and the Harrisons"

This episode was jam-packed! Amunet (Katee Sackhoff) was brought in to help DeVoe. It was a bit of a stretch, but when you have a talent like Sackhoff at your disposal, you use her as often as you can. They found a clever way for her to serve a dual purpose, with Caitlin wanting to get her Killer Frost alter-ego back.

They didn't deal with DeVoe directly, which seems weird having only 2 episodes left after this one. But this was an important step in that journey. They have a new weapon from Amunet, but it can't be that simple. They'll use it, it will fail, and they will have to use brain power to defeat him.

Speaking of brain power, Harry called the Council of Wells to help with his intelligence problem, and then found out they were a bunch of assholes. So, Cisco found more, and we got to see Cavanagh have an absolute field day playing all of the different versions of himself. 

There was still no resolution to all of that though, but there will be in the next 2 episodes. I don't see Cavanagh leaving the show, and the show has other things to worry about besides vibing with a new version of Wells, so I have a feeling that this version is staying. Which means things need to be resolved soon.

Iris wanted to write a story about DeVoe, to warn the public. I forgot she was a writer, honestly. The show uses it when convenient. It seems, at first glance anyway, that her article paid off. The whole city is watching for him. With the amount of time the episode dedicated to this whole plot, it better be important.

Team Flash did realize - thanks to Wells - that Marlize is out of the picture. I know she will be the key to defeating DeVoe. She could very well be the most important character of the season in the next two episodes.

The penultimate episode is next week, and for some weird reason, this season has seemed shorter than that of Arrow and Supergirl. Maybe its because the story was more streamlined. I can't answer that, but that is how it feels.

Arrow - Episode 6.22 - "The Ties That Bind"

Well, only one episode left! "The Ties That Bind" set things up for what is sure to be a pretty intense finale. The biggest takeaway though? The team is finally back together! Whether that is for good or not remains to be seen.

It was really nice to see them get back together. The reason why, was unfortunate though. Diaz attacked all of them, then proceeded to burn the Bunker. They must be getting a new set for season 7, because New Team Arrow's bunker was destroyed at the end too.

Oliver and his family narrowly escaped the attack because of Anatoly helping them. I like when Anatoly is on Oliver's side more so than when he isn't. It is dangerous territory for him to betray Diaz though, and I can see a path in the narrative where it costs him his life.

It was a nice touch putting Lyla together with Felicity, who are similar in a lot of ways. One is just a few steps ahead in her life than the other one.

Not everyone is going to make it out alive next week. Season 7 is going to feel different. It will be interesting to see what Oliver's journey will become once Diaz is defeated. Now, if Diaz dies, it will be at the hands of Anatoly or Quentin Lance protecting his daughter. If he doesn't die, and is merely captured, then I would bank on seeing him again next season. I am enjoying Diaz as the villain, I just don't want him to turn into a Damien Darhk, where every time he shows up, it lessens the impact of his last appearance.

The finale is going to have a lot to do: a definitive conclusion to the split teams one way or another; Redemption or the demise of Laurel Lance; Diaz defeated; Oliver finding some closure in this chapter. His move at the end of the episode - letting Agent Watson (Sydelle Noel) finally know his secret in a desperate attempt for help - might set him back a few paces though.

Last year's finale was one of the best of the series, we will find out soon enough how this seasson's will compare. It does feel like there will be a sense of completeness to it. Hopefully satisfaction comes with that.


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