Arrowverse Roundup - Week 25 Review

This week had big things happen in all three episodes. There were heavy moments all week but they all had some levity as well. Every show, even Supergirl, is definitely gearing up for the tail end of their seasons. As always, there will be spoilers below for the episodes if you haven't seen them yet.

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Supergirl - Episode 3.16 - "Of Two Minds"

This episode had something I had been waiting for since the beginning of the season - Supergirl finding out who Reign's human identity was. It came at a cost though, because all three world killers are officially together.

That is really what this episode focused on - Pestilence and her emergence. She was in a human doctor called Grace, and was able to get people sick. Two of those people were Win and Alex. It provided a sweet moment between Win and James, but did nothing else other than sideline Alex and Win. Or so I thought. Then it was clear why this happened: Emra lost her sister in the future, and almost losing Alex helped Kara understand where Emra was coming from.

Before that, they were at odds the entire episode over...what else? Killing. It was like watching Ralph and Barry on The Flash all over again. Emra wanted to kill Pestilence because she has seen the future and knows that Supergirl fails. But what if Supergirl fails because she heeds Emra's advice in trying to change the future? Wibby wobbly, timey wimey and all that.

It was nice to see Braniac 5 back, but in "human form" this time, so as to save money on makeup and special effects I guess. I hope he is in the rest of the season.

With the trinity united, the show should shift into high gear now. The question remains, though, when this is all over, and the trinity is defeated, does Mon-El stay or go? I can't imagine Chris Wood leaving the show, so does he stay behind without Emra and Brainy? Or do they all stay?

The other story that has the most potential is that of Ruby Arias. Sam's beloved daughter. Reign wants to kill her to get her out of the way. Ruby can be the key to defeating Reign if done correctly. Supergirl would never put her in danger, but could use the memory of her to break Reign. That is what I am most intrigued to see.

Let's see where things go from here. 

The Flash - Episode 4.20 - "Therefore She Is"

The episode hit the ground running! The Flash has a lot of work to do in the last few episodes. So it started with the team finding out about Wells' regressing condition from the dark matter. That is good, I didn't want that drawn out as a secret much longer.

We got some Arrow-Style flashbacks (I guess these would really be Flashbacks) about Clifford and Marlize's burgeoning relationship. His true motives were revealed at the same time. But just like most things in this universe, the full circle was on front street: In the episode we see Marlize and Clifford fall in love, we also see Marlize finally leave Clifford (or escape is more like it).

I have a feeling she will go straight to Team Flash to help now. That will be the ace in the hole that Clifford didn't see coming. She will be key to defeating The Thinker.

That wasn't the only relationship featured in this episode though, Cisco and Gypsy figured out their issues, and that relationship came to a close - for now. It was the best way to keep Cisco on this Earth...and on the show.

Wells was able to distract Cecile so Joe could plan a baby shower - but it had an added benefit. Cecile being able to interpret Wells thoughts before he lost them is great in that it gives her an importance and something to contribute the rest of the season.

The mysterious girl showed up again, and gave Joe and Cecile a baby gift. They thought it was from Wally at first, but Wally gave them a bassinet that was owned by Moses. Then it was revealed that the mysterious girl was a speedster.

I thought maybe she had some connection to Bart Allen - a 30th Century descendant of Barry. So going down that path, I found someone who could fit:

Meloni Thawne...or Meloni Thawne-Allen, as she is also known. The mother of Bart Allen. Here is her biography from Wikipedia:

  • Meloni is a native of the 30th Century (which is, among other things, the time of the Legion of Super-Heroes) and is the daughter of President Thawne, a descendant of Professor Zoom and Cobalt Blue. She is married to Don Allen, son of Barry Allen (who was living in the 30th century with his wife Iris Allen) and one of the Tornado Twins. Their marriage brought to an end the long-standing feud between the two super-speedy families. When their son Bart Allen is born, it is discovered that the super-speed powers he has inherited from his ancestors also cause him to age at an accelerated rate. President Thawne has Bart placed in a virtual reality to keep him from going insane, and to allow scientists to find a cure. Meloni is told that Bart died during the invasion of Earth by the Dominators (the same aliens that killed her husband and his twin sister).

    Bart is eventually freed by his grandmother Iris West, who sends him back to the 20th century where he is cured of his rapid aging by the third Flash. When Meloni later discovers that he is alive, she travels to the 20th century to retrieve her now-teenaged son, but eventually lets him remain in the past.

    It is revealed in Flash #224 (December 2005) that Meloni is the mother of Owen Harkness, formerly Owen Mercer, the new Captain Boomerang, having conceived him by the original Boomerang while he was trapped in the 30th Century. It is unknown whether she gave birth to Bart or Owen first, or how Owen made it back to our own time.

    It was revealed in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #3, that Meloni, Bart, and his cousin Jenni and her father Jeven, all originated from New Earth. Some time ago, Barry Allen's rival Professor Zoom tried to the destroy the relationship between Don and Meloni, and their family, so Don and Dawn used the Cosmic Treadmill to hide on Earth-247 (the original home of the post-Zero Hour Legion).

Now it won't be exactly like that, but they could adapt some elements of it. A Thawne-Allen descendant will make for some interesting stories in Season 5. There is a lot to mine and adapt from that character, so after this week, that is my prevailing theory.

If you have any other theories about who the mystery girl is, comment here or tweet me!

We will find out soon enough at any rate.

Arrow - Episode 6.21 - "Docket No. 11-19-41-73"

The trial of the century! Or at least, the trial of all of the shows airing on Thursdays at 8PM. This was a pretty "centralized" episode of Arrow, with only a few scenes outside of the courtroom. One of those was the opening scene, and it was one of the most badass, tightly choreographed and movie-esque scenes the show has had.

The point of the scene was to rescue someone in order to help Oliver. I had a feeling I knew it was. Colin Donnell had a widely publicized return as Tommy Merlyn. But I didn't take that at face value. I tweeted my theory out earlier this week.

Turns out, I was right. But it made the most sense out of all of the options. Having him really be alive would be convoluted. Having it be Tommy from another Earth has been done before - he was the Prometheus of Earth-X. So this was an already built in way to have their cake and eat it too. The credits didn't spoil things like they did earlier in the season either, which was nice.

The biggest part of the episode however, was Laurel taking a stand...figuratively and literally. She took the stand in Oliver's court case, but took a stand against Diaz by not doing his bidding up there. That might be the biggest moment of the season. With only two episodes left after this one, things need to be coming to their natural conclusions.

It was humorous to me that the first place that Oliver went after getting cleared of being the Green Arrow was....his Arrow Bunker. It wasn't bad, it was just a sort of ironic laughable moment in an otherwise pretty serious episode.

Oliver and Rene mended some fences, that could be the start of getting everyone back together. If they can't bond as teammates, they can certainly bond over fatherhood, and that might just do the trick.

Nothing huge in the Easter Egg department, other than a sound effect. Diaz had a dampener to inhibit Laurel's powers. The dampener had the same sound that the Doctor's sonic screwdriver makes in Doctor Who. The Arrowverse has had lots of Doctor Who connections before, so there are definitely fans working on the show. It makes you wonder if it was intentional or not.

Chance - The Human Target - left the door open for coming back. Maybe he will be a permanent cast member next year. After all, he isn't needed in Jessica Jones anymore. Plus I highly doubt everyone is making it out of this season okay, so there might be some vacancies to join the cast.

More often than not, the penultimate episode is better than the actual finale. Let's see if that happens with Arrow's 6th season next week. They've been on a hot streak lately, so hopefully that momentum carries them through the end of the season. Clunky title aside, this was a good episode.


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