Arrowverse Roundup - Week 18 Review

There was no Arrow this week, but the rest of the episodes aired, and while some of it was filler, they all got something accomplished. Check out my breakdowns below, and as always beware of spoilers!

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Legends of Tomorrow - Episode 3.14 - "Amazing Grace"

The wackiness of this show never ceases to amaze me. The Legends journeyed to the 1950s where they met Elvis who was raising the dead with his guitar that had the Death totem attached. That ridiculous sentence was just the beginning of this weird ride.

Usually an episode that features rescuing Rock and Roll by helping Elvis would be a "monster of the week" filler type episode, but this was important to the season arc. The Legends now have another totem, and the King of Rock and Roll is to thank.

This was Wally's first mission as a full-fledged member of the Legends. He had to learn to slow down, and solve problems with his head and his mouth instead of his powers. The logistic reason for that of course, is because he is the most super-powered person there, and would make other problems for them very easy to solve, which means we have no show.

There was a death this episode too, in the form of Axel the rat. I had kind of forgotten about him, but he had been around a long time. They even dedicated the episode to him, so maybe the actual rat did die. Of course they would write that into the show.

No Darhk's this episode, but their impact was felt. The Legends finale coming up in a few weeks looks to be the biggest one yet. Who knows if it will be the Darhks' last appearance on the show. I wouldn't bet on it, but you never know.

Zari and Wally bonded quite well. As the two newest people on the ship that makes sense. Who knows if there will be a romance or not, but Wally still isn't over Jesse. They need to deal with that first.

One of the biggest things that happened was Amaya telling Nate that she loves him, even though he couldn't hear her. She is still destined to go back to her people, so I wonder if he will go with her. Jax had to leave the group because of Stein, I'd hate for that to happen to Nate because of Amaya too.

Overall, a nice standalone, yet important, episode that was at the perfect time. Next week looks like things get heavy, so the levity here is appreciated.

The Flash - Episode 4.16 - "Run, Iris, Run"

Deep into a show's run, when it get comfortable, there is usually an episode where there are ultimate role reversals. It happens in sitcoms a lot. But others too. That is what this episode is, nearly four seasons in. Iris got to be a speedster, and Barry was powerless. It happened with Lois Lane and Superman on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman:

"Ultra Woman" and Superman!
Superman found himself powerless, but Lois had his powers and she became "Ultra Woman" for a short time. Luckily Iris's costume was better than Lois's.

It was a nice arc for Iris to go through, though I don't like that they had to make Ralph be an absolute knob again in order to get Iris to that point. The reason Iris got Barry's powers was because a meta named "Melting Point" - played by Westworld actor Leonardo Nam, is able to switch people's DNA. I doubt we've seen the last of Nam. He had a nice role in Westworld and can handle more than a one-and-done. Plus, his power will come in handy with DeVoe.

Jesse L. Martin seemed to be back full time, he had about the same amount of screen time he usually does. But his lack of concern for Iris was weird. Even if it was a time issue, a least put in a throwaway line about it. It was very out of character to not have that.

Meanwhile, Wells is developing a thinking cap to battle DeVoe. I am definitely curious as to how that will play out. But the prototype is working well. He found the last two bus metas that way. There will be a way where Cecile's powers, Ralph's powers and Wells's cap will come into play, a way that DeVoe wouldn't have imagined, which at the end of the day will be the trick.

I love the metaphor of fighting fire with water. Make of it what you will. But it was nice that Iris got to do something that Barry never did. At first, I thought it was going to be cyclone around the fire, like how Barry did in his first outing as The Flash. The parallel there would have worked well too.

While this episode was filler, they are making slow progress with things. The show is on a small hiatus until April 10th. Hopefully then it is down to business.

Black Lightning - Episode 1.08 - "Revelations"

Well, they went from no progress to ALL THE PROGRESS in Black Lightning. The benefits of a 13 episode season! Where to begin...

Anissa is training with her Dad, and was doing well. After she saved his life, Jefferson realized they are not the same and therefore cannot be trained the same way. They actually make a pretty good team. Anissa doing this has made the Lynn/Jefferson relationship better.

Jennifer found her powers, and handled it much differently than Anissa did. Anissa kept it a secret, did her own research, and slowly started uncovering stuff, and when she had enough information, she brought it to her mother. Jennifer went straight to her sister and told her. The two different approaches, and how Lynn and Jefferson will handle it is going to be entertaining.

The audience was finally tuned into what Gambi is up to. He was part of the ASA, assigned to do experiments in Freeland, and his conscience got the better of him. Gambi leaking the information to Jefferson's father Alvin is what eventually got him murdered. That relationship is certainly strained now. How it plays out going forward will be interesting. I can see Gambi dying to protect the Pierce family in the finale.

By far the weirdest thing right now, is La La's resurrection. He is seeing visions of LaWanda, and has a tattoo of her - a woman he murdered - on his chest. We don't know what is happening there, but with only 5 episodes left, I suspect we will find out soon.

We didn't even see Tobias in this episode, which was a first. When he does return, it will be to avenge his sister. The showdown looks to be a good one, especially if he has the power of the ASA on his side.

Overall, this was a strong episode. The girls are progressing much faster than I thought they would. By the end of the season Black Lightning could very well be Thunder and Lightning.

What was your favorite part of the Arrowverse this week?


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